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Action of Greater Lansing
is an affiliate of the
Gamaliel Training Network


Gamaliel Leadership Training teaching ordinary citizens to unleash the power within themselves.  Gamaliel is an international organizing institute. It has been established to train leaders and organizers for the increasingly difficult task of building strong, stable and effective institutionally-based power organizations that can transform congregations and communities. More than 60 locally-controlled organizations operating in urban, suburban, and rural settings in the United States, South Africa and Great Britain are part of Gamaliel’s growing international network. Its methods are based upon the experiences and reflections of organizers who have worked in this field for decades.  Gamaliel has brought together people from its staff, consultants, board, and affiliate organizations who are knowledgeable and experienced in community organizing as trainers.  Participants include clergy and lay leaders, as well as leaders from community organizations, unions and other community based institutions from across the country.


Please note: dates are not firm until sites are secured.  Please check for the latest information.

Topics covered during training include:

  • Institutional organizing

  • Using the tools of community organizing to develop strong congregations and other community-based institutions

  • Methodology for building power

  • Tools to make and sustain relationships

  • Self-interest, the public arena medium of exchange

  • Power analysis: understanding the “laws of the jungle”

  • Building support with money and media

  • The elements of good meetings

  • Elements of a power organization

  • Structuring personal & organizational time

  • Strategic planning

  • Political and economic analysis

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Leaders

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