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Help Sponsor this Important Community Event

The 7th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast

The MLK Prayer Breakfast is a living example of Faith in Action and the continuing evidence of Dr. King's dream.  As people of faith, we believe it is important to be a moral compass, especially in these times when we feel our government and laws may not reflect of the needs of our community. Action of Greater Lansing is in the business of community organizing, and we specialize in helping ordinary citizens unleash their own power within to make change in our community. When you sponsor the MLK Prayer breakfast or purchase an ad or make a donation, the return investment is in the transformation of our community towards peace, justice, and equality. Just take a look at what we have accomplished, and what amazing things are yet to come!


On the financial side of the coin, over 10,000+ families and over 22 organizations in the Lansing area will get a copy of our MLK Adbook.  Action of Greater Lansing is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.....which means you can claim any donation on your taxes. You can also count on your money being used in the best way possible: by investing in the people of your own community for on-going leadership development and creating change-agents for good, peace, justice, and equality.

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