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Prayer Vigil for Dreamers, Immigrants and Hurricane Victims

We as people of faith are creating an opportunity to reflect on the deep scriptural, spiritual roots of our work to support immigrants in this country, highlight the moral aspects of the immigration issue and remember the real life consequences of our failed policies on immigrant families. It will show our elected officials that just and humane immigration reform is a top priority for people of faith, and demonstrate a growing movement in support of immigration reform.

As a faith based organization we are uniquely positioned to minister to our communities while speaking prophetically to our elected leadership about immigration reform.

We in the faith community can no longer sit by as our broken immigration system continues to
tear families apart and while extreme rhetoric against immigrants seeps into the public
dialogue. We hope you will join us at this
family unity prayer vigil to pray for the protection of immigrants and their families, the empowerment of our faith communities to work for change and the moral courage of our leaders, including the President and Congress to pass just and humane immigration reform.

So join us for a night of information, prayers, singing and unity in the Lansing Community.

We hope to see you there.

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