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Racial and Social Equity
for the
Common Good


October 15, 2017


3:00 p.m.

Registration begins at 2:15 pm


Union Missionary Baptist Church

500 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Lansing, MI 48912

What are the pressing social issues in our area?  What are we doing to make things better for our children and Returning Citizens?  How are we improving conditions for those most vulnerable?  Which of our elected officials are partnering with us to improve the Lansing area and how are we holding them accountable?

Just who is working for the Common Good, and how?

What is this Public Meeting About?

This Justice Lights our Way gathering is centered around grass-root, person-led efforts to increase the peace and justice foundations in our communities:  It unites faith-based groups from all across the Greater Lansing area in efforts to improve specialty health care services for children, increase availability of "green" and healthy homes in our area, oversee our politicians' commitment to economic justice and fair wages, increase public accessibility options for people with disabilities and/or physical challenges, expand opportunities for education for the under-served and disenfranchised, uphold justice for immigrants in our neighborhoods, and strengthen our community's capacity to thrive.

Who Was Nehemiah?

Nehemiah was a prophet in the Old Testament.  Nehemiah’s home town had been under attack, and now lay in partial ruins.  Nehemiah prayed that the king - his boss at the time - would allow him to go back to his village and help rebuild  and fortify it. God spoke to the king so that when Nehemiah called on the king to ask for permission to go and help his community, the king not only allowed him the freedom to build up his city where it was needed, but he also provided Nehemiah with the support and resources needed to make his community safe and prosperous again. Nehemiah returned to his home town and organized the families in his community to repair the walls of the city that protected them:  They were kept safe by working together.  Nehemiah’s story shows the power of leveraging relationships and organizing neighborhoods and communities so that the citizens themselves are empowered  to thrive while supported by their faith and each other.

Click here for the re-cap of last year's meeting!:

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