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Power to Thrive connects Michigan Gamaliel Affiliates to Health Departments


Power to Thrive works to align organizers in Michigan with public health professionals working for social justice and health equity.


Over recent years, local health departments across the country have realized that health cannot be addressed in a vacuum—public health often depends on policy decisions. So-called “Health In All” policies have a lot in common with community organizing.


Building on that common ground, Michigan county health departments and Gamaliel affiliates are teaming up to build healthier communities.


Local health departments in Michigan counties have joined together with other organizing groups to launch Michigan Power to Thrive (MPTT). This network, which includes all of Gamaliel of Michigan’s affiliates (i.e., Action of Greater Lansing), will create health equity in Michigan communities.


“There is no greater privilege than to be included on the ground level of transitioning something from concept to concrete,” said Dr. Renee Canady of the Michigan Public Health Institute said. “The effective sharing, partnering, and collaboration of diverse partners brought success ” at the group’s kickoff conference June 27th, 2014. 


The push to accept a Health in All Policies approach will be the first campaign launched by local health departments and organizers who make up MPTT. The network is expecting to grow in the next year to include additional counties in Michigan.

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